Connect: Advisors und Creators


was the Blue Wave event for consultants, coaches, trainers, developers, designers, startups and entrepreneurs. connect focused primarily on Advisors and Creators and the freelance and startup economy being driven by their services. Now you can connect with us!

connect: Advisors and Creators

The trailer for Blue Wave's connect: Advisors and Creators event. A short look at the event from the keynotes, Power Talks, music, and art from the freelancers and startups that took part. Video by Thomas Bär.

connect Keynotes

Bartmoss St. Clair explains the freelance economy and how the Service as a Product (SaaP) business model will change the industry by productization of services and knowledge management with Overview for Advisors.


Dr. Dicko is a gynecologist from Mali. During the war in Mali he provided emergency medical help in regions other aid workers couldn't access. He continued his work after the war, even fighting ebola in Mali, and is now building his own clinic in an area without any doctors. He is assisted by Christoph Krüger who helps with fundraising his projects and providing general support.

connect: Blogposts

The Freelance Economy: Service as a Product

Last year according to The Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, 34% of Americans did some kind of freelancing related work, whether full time, part time or even just one time. This represents 53 Million people. Percent of freelancers per year... read more

Five simple ways to kill your startup

A guest blog by our Business Advisor & Mentor Gero "The Startup Skeptic" Weber

You had a dream your idea that you showed to relatives and friends had them all excited. These folks encouraged you to start a business. It was like "if they like it so will everybody else" syndrome and you concluded that you stumbled into a market niche... read more

The Age of Advisors

The advisory market is steadily growing in most categories: The consultancy market alone grew by 6.1% to $125.2 billion in 2014 according to Gartner's market share analysis. But even this isn't what's set to transform advising; a new demographic has been emerging in the past years: confident, resourceful, dynamic professionals who have their fingers on the pulse of their fields. These are the people driving the revolution in advising, and it's... read more

The Future of iOS Apps

Sales of new iPads have recently been declining, leading to negative growth within the market. Currently, the most popular iPad is still the iPad 2 with 20% of the market share, down from 29% last year. Consumers aren't buying new iPads like they are iPhones. Unlike iPhones, which are heavily used for their photo and video shooting abilities, not to mention their... read more

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