Creator is Blue Wave’s Service as a Product price estimation and sales app.

The tasks were:
  • Plan a web-based app to aid users in ordering services like products.

  • Create mockups, graphics, and icons.

  • Development system using web-based technologies (HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, jQuery).

Unique solution:

The Creator project was a chance to offer something unique to people. The ability for customers to easily convey what kind of service they want in a simple, modular product-like format.


Often times it is hard for a person to explain to a service industry based company what it is they really desire. This is the problem the Creator system solves. A customer can select the appropriate modules they need and the cost and other attributes of the project is then calculated directly. This streamlined process called Service as a Product (SaaP) makes creating very time and cost efficient like never before.

Project skills breakdown


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