Knowledge management for Advisors

Overview for iOS

Overview is a knowledge management app for Advisors. It was designed for consultants, trainers, coaches, and mentors to manage, rate, and give feedback to their Users, turning an Advisors’ service into a product.

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The tasks were
  • Design the framework of an app that promotes interactivity via ratings and feedback .

  • Create a beautiful, intuitive interface .

  • Engineer a front and backend.

  • Market the product.

This was our very first product at Blue Wave. It took a year from research and design to marketing the product. Every step of the way, we asked for nothing less than perfection. The design itself was centered around the De Stijl design philosophy.

The app itself makes it easy for both businesses and freelancers to manage, rate and give feedback to their Users; whether clients, patients, customers, or even employees, both on and off site.

Using a calendar interface, an Advisor can easily see how their Users are preforming, rate them using a three-color rating system (green, yellow, and red) and offer helpful feedback and advice. The Users themselves can see these ratings and feedback and automatically judge their progress. This is why it is called Overview. It gives both Advisors and their Users an Overview of their progress.

Our first usage case is in the fitness market, take a look at our Overview Fitness trailer.


Project Skills Breakdown

Design 100%
Development 100%
Marketing 50%