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What is Overview?

Overview is the ultimate knowledge management platform for Advisors. It makes it easy for all Advisors whether consultants, trainers, mentors, or coaches to manage, rate and give feedback to their Users from anywhere by turning calendars into live ratable interactions between Advisors and their Users.

Overview iPhone

Overview Fitness

Overview's first usage case is in fitness. Watch as a fitness trainer interacts with their clients both in and out of the gym from food to fitness turning healthily living into a healthy lifestyle.

connect Keynotes - The Freelance Economy

Bartmoss St. Clair explains the freelance economy and how the Service as a Product (SaaP) business model will change the industry by productization of services and knowledge management with Overview for Advisors.


What Do Advisors Do?

Overview iPhone

Consultants, trainers, teachers, coaches, mentors, and medical professionals, from fitness to finance, any Advisor has the same goal, to facilitate knowledge transfer, they all use some kind of metric to measure progress and they all offer feedback for further improvement.

What Do Advisors Need?

Advisors need to manage, rate, and give feedback to their Users. Currently most Advisors treat their advice as a billable service. Advice itself is not a scalable business model. To have a business, Advisors need to turn their service into a product.

Service as a Product

Overview does exactly that. Overview is a knowledge management platform for Advisors. It enables Advisors to offer their services as a product both on and off site, giving their Users advice in real-time.

How does it work?

Question Template

Question Template

Advisors create custom question templates with dropdowns, checkboxes, and textfields.
The questions can be ratable.

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Overview Checkbox Logo
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Question Template

Colorful Rating

Ratings use our intuitive color design; green is good and red is bad.

Overview rating red
Overview rating yellow
Overview rating green

User Entry

Users fill in entries based on the templates and can even add photos.

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Overview Checkbox Logo
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Overview empty nutrition template
Question Template


Colorful Calendar

Advisors rate these entries and offer feedback, all in a colorful calendar interface so both Users and Advisors can always see when, what, and why.

Question Template



Overview's API is also available for companies that would like to add Overview's knowledge management features to their app or website. Customers can even order our backend system to be installed on their own server ensuring further security, privacy, and customization supporting larger companies and enterprises.

Overview Enterprise

This truly gives both Advisor and User an Overview.

Subscription Plans



Users can download and use the App for free!

Junior Advisor

Overview Junior Advisor

Manage up to 5 Users for as little as fifty cents a day (15 US$/month)!

Senior Advisor

Overview Senior Advisor

Manage up to 15 Users for as little as $1.35 a day (40.5 US$/month)!

Uber Advisor

Overview Uber Advisor

Manage up to 100 Users for as little as $2.33 a day (69.95 US$/month)!